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Glutton® H₂O Perfect®

One jet of water gets it clean!


Equipped with an ergonomic water jet that is easy to carry in its integrated storage sheath, the Glutton® H2O Perfect® delivers significant time and energy savings.
The Glutton® H2O Perfect® picks up waste from the smallest recesses around town, and deep-cleans what’s left. It’s the perfect cleaning tool for your maintenance teams.Your town is clean and disinfected.


100% electric

Helps to combat viruses, bacteria and fungi

Effective cleaning with water jets

Glutton® H₂O Perfect®

A funny kind of litter picker

  • Up to 16 hours of battery life.

  • Compact, manoeuvrable and self-propelled to climb steep slopes and handle uneven terrain.

  • 24 m2 Glutton® dust filter for optimum filter surface area.

  • High suction power.

  • Variable speed, adjustable by tilting the handle.

  • Very stable and easily able to mount kerbs up to 20 cm in height.

  • Bodywork and filter cover easy to open to access components requiring maintenance.

  • Standard 240 litre container.

  • Built-in, hermetically-sealed, intelligent battery charger.

  • Built-in counter showing hours of operation and remaining charge.

  • Strong after sales service: wide range of offerings (Peace of Mind Contract, free training for users on delivery, etc.).

Benefits of the Glutton® Collect®

  • Peace and quiet, putting a smile on the face of residents

  • Higher esteem for users

  • Machine design that makes your town or city more attractive

  • Respect for the environment

  • Ease of use: ergonomic and simple

  • Completely safe to use (emergency stop button, automatic extinguisher, audible reversing signal, electromagnetic brake, etc.)

A Glutton® customised for your town – even better!

Nouveau projet(4).jpg

Ergonomic water jet

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