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Your 100% electric street sweeper: Glutton® Zen®

The Glutton® Zen® street sweeper is compact, powerful and silent, the ideal cleaner for town centres, alleyways, pedestrian zones, town squares, historic centres, marketplaces, confined or inaccessible places.

Thanks to Glutton® Zen®, your town is clean and serene, and there is less pressure on the environment and on your operating budget.


100% electric

Ergonomic cabin

Compact, silent and powerful

Ideal for town centres, pedestrian zones, etc.

Glutton® Zen®



Glutton® Zen® is 100% electric and is powered by state-of-the-art lithium batteries. The sweeper emits no CO₂ or exhaust fumes.


No dust is released behind the street sweeper. This protects the health of the users as well as residents.



Glutton® Zen® has an original and compact design enabling it to move around easily and safely in public spaces.

Glutton® Zen® can help you communicate your message around town. Efficient, elegant and silent, passers-by will enjoy crossing paths with it.

And there is plenty of space for your message on the bodywork of your Glutton® Zen®.

Peace and quiet

Glutton® Zen® means peace and quiet for local residents and users and respects their quality of life. Looking to clean your town centre very early or at night while preserving tranquillity for local residents?


No problem: your Glutton® Zen® is fast and unobtrusive. Peace and quiet is particularly valued around hospitals, residential areas, schools, etc.



Glutton® Zen® guarantees a higher return on your investment. Its powerful suction and very long battery life are the allies of your cleaning teams.

You can clean your town centre non-stop for a whole day without recharging the batteries.

The result is impeccable, and a smile from the residents is guaranteed.



The spacious and comfortable cabin of the Glutton® Zen® is unique. It has space for an operator who is up to 2 metres tall. The panoramic windscreen guarantees maximum visual comfort without the risk of glare from the sun. The glass floor has a view of the suction unit and the work area, for greater comfort while cleaning.

Your operators are guaranteed a comfortable ride: high-quality seat, heating and air conditioning, heated windscreen, radio, USB charger, GPS, soundproofing, coolbox, storage spaces, intuitive operation, etc.



With two smart screens, GPS and geolocation options, Glutton® Zen® will change and grow with you, generating "big data".



It is much cheaper to recharge your electric Glutton® Zen® than to fill the tank in older generations of street sweepers with petrol engines.

This drastically reduces your operating costs and cuts your maintenance costs to a fifth!

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