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Glutton® Collect®An electric urban waste vacuum cleaner based on a unique and innovative concept


Glutton® Collect® is a revolutionary, 100% electric street vacuum cleaner helping to keep towns, cities and industrial sites clean throughout the world. This eco-friendly and ergonomic equipment means peace and quiet for local residents and improves their quality of life. It is compact enough to fit into the tightest corners and recesses, picking up everything in its path from cigarette ends to water bottles to dog waste.




For over 20 years, Glutton® has been designing, manufacturing and marketing the world's best waste vacuum cleaner. Glutton® Collect® and Glutton® Zen® are revolutionising day-to-day street cleaning in more than 6000 towns and cities in 70 countries on five continents.

Every day, Glutton®, famous around the world for its electric waste vacuum cleaners and electric street sweepers, enhances the well-being and cleanliness of your town or your factory and transforms the status of the work done by your staff.

Our Glutton® machines are easy to use, ergonomic, 100% electric and extremely effective.

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