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Dehydra Bench Food Waste Dewaterer


Length (m)    0.7

Width (m)    1.5

Height(m)    0.9

Capacity    700kg/hour

AC Supply    3-phase 400V 50Hz

Energy consumption    4 kW/hour

Water consumption    12-20Lt/min


Installation requirements    

Hot & cold water service line and sewer connection

Food waste is fed into the hopper by the operator and ground into small particles by the food waste disposer. The operation of the whole unit is quick, simple and safe thanks to a design which prevents access to the grinding mechanism while the unit is operating. The ground food waste is then pumped from the disposer into the hydro-extractor. Combining an auger and a screen with a very fine mesh (1 mm diameter holes) the hydro-extractor separates the liquid from the ground food waste. The excess liquid can then be re-circulated to reduce water consumption before being disposed of to a foul drain. Once the food waste has been disposed of the system automatically self cleans to minimize operator time.

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