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Smart City Solar Bin IOT



  • Reduce litter collections by up 90%

  • Increase bin capacity

  • Identifies when bin is full

  • Zero running costs

  • Reduce traffic and emissions

  • On board Ultrasonic sensor

  • SMS and Email alerts

  • Communicate routes directly to drivers


  • Lower Collection frequencies

  • Reduced pollution i.e. Noise, Traffic & Emissions

  • Visibility of bin fill levels

  • Uniformity of bin styles

  • Reduced litter collection costs

  • Redeployment of staff to other tasks

  • Advertising revenue potential

The smart street Solar Bin is the solution to the current state of municipality waste collection system. The increasing ammount of waste in tourist areas and shopping streets, low municipal budget and increased collection costs as well as the nuisance created by overflowing bins and odors is the current situation that requires fast and feasible solution.

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