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Dehydra Super Compact Food Waste Dewaterer


Length (m)    0.7

Width (m)    1.0

Height(m)    0.9

Capacity    300kg/hour

AC Supply    3-phase 400V 50Hz

Energy consumption    4 kW/hour

Water consumption    12-20Lt/min

Installation requirements    Hot & cold water service line and sewer connection

Kitchen waste is dropped into the waste disposal and is broken down into very small pieces. The process is very fast, simple and safe since there is no access to the shredder by the operator during the process. The pulp product is then pumped from the dewatering system where the separation of liquids from the solid waste takes place. The liquids produced can then be recirculated, thus reducing water consumption, while at the end of the process the liquids are removed through the drainage. In the end the mechanism is self-cleaning by minimizing its operating time.

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