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Baler 200

The smallest baler suitable for use in limited space.


Baler 5500

The ideal solution for wholesalers, factories and anyone who produces high volumes of cardboard and plastic waste. The mill size baler produces a bale of up to 500kgs and is fully CE certified and is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. It incorporates all the standard features of a Mill Size Baler


The PEL bag compactor allows small volumes of waste to be compacted into manageable bags. The bag compactor can be located close to the source of waste or in a designated area where the bags can be placed directly into bins/skips.


Baler 700

The PEL 700 baler can be used on a variety of recyclable materials including cardboard and plastic. Its compact size and small footprint ensures it will provide the best recycling solution to suit your business.


BC 240/360

Waste volume and waste disposal costs are reduced by up to 66%, saving storage space and saving money.


Baler 1500

The PEL 1500 high density baler can be used on a variety of waste materials including cardboard, dry plastic, wet plastic and can act as a drum crusher. The volume of these waste materials is reduced by over 50%.


PEL bin compactors reduce waste volume from 3 bins into 1 bin. PEL bin compactors are suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. Waste volume and waste disposal costs are reduced by up to 66%, saving space and saving money. Suitable for both 1100 litre and 660 litre bins.